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Brake Parts

Availability: 300 In Stock

A timeless classic - silicone moulds allow you to become imaginative and create delicate and complex cakes or remain simple and elegant.  No matter what your cake decorating objective is, lace can make it chic and stand out or be used as is with simple toppers and finishes.  Your choice.

What You Get

Single silicone mould made from the highest quality, flexible, 6mm thick, 100% food grade silicone, makes delicate designs and finishes possible.

90mm x 280mm x 6mm

Easy to apply.  Make one or make a hundred mats.

Comes with our 100% Happiness Guarantee

Rife Wave5 Pro Resonator

Availability: 75 In Stock

With this instrument you have a broad spectrum healing machine at your finger tips. It has all the treatments to address the most common ailments and health problems already loaded on the device.

Pre-programmed with the most common conditions that can be treated with Rife Therapy. 800+ treatments. It features functions such as:

New treatments if ever necessary can be added directly on instrument or via a PC with free software. No need to add anything as it is already there but if however the need arise to add you own range of frequencies you can do that by just connecting it with the supplied connection cord to a computer and use the easy to use software to edit treatments

NOTE:  The Beamer Healthpad is an optional extra.


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