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Wave Beamer Healthpad

Availability: 71 In Stock

Wave Beamer Healthpad (a component part to the Rife Wave6 Practitioner resonator). Also known as Beamer Coil.

The Wave Beamer Healthpad is an electromagnetic mat and an accessory to the Rife Health Wave Resonator range to create radiant energy. Connected to a Wave Resonator (All models) it is ideally suited to treat children and animals or adults that need extra treatments while sleeping. It radiates a healthy energy field in a vortex of about 30 cm around the mat.

BodySonic MRA Body Health Analyser

Availability: 64 In Stock

A health analysing device consisting of a decoder (main unit), headphones, and a scan cup that analyses the general health status of the subject by decoding brain waves.

It needs to be connected to a Windows operated PC (Not included) to operate. It does not operate with an Apple Mac computer.

It scans one’s body and identifies low energy levels of organs which are an indication of abnormalities of the norm. The low energy levels may indicate a health problem, damaged tissue, stress, presence of pollutants or an impending ailment. This whole scanning process is unobtrusive to the body. 

Wave6 Practitioner Rife Resonator

Availability: 37 In Stock

The same powerful frequency generator as with the other Rife Wave devices, with a booster that makes the use of the Healthpad more effective. 

The Wave6 Practitioner Rife Resonator INCLUDES the Healthpad!

The same trusted and tested treatment list as on all the other Wave resonators, but also with all the other resonance treatments available with more control on saving treatment lists and separate inlet sockets for the Hand electrodes and for the Healthpad.

The Wave6 Practitioner Rife Resonator has all the tested and trusted treatments loaded on the device to address all the ailments and health problems that can be treated with pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy and resonance therapy.

Wave Kompak Rife Resonator

Availability: 74 In Stock

Just what one needs to obtain affordable and effective resonance therapy. The Wave Resonator is compact, powerful, effective and with its touch screen very easy to operate.

The device contains treatments for prevalent health issues. No extra additions needed; if desired, connect it to a computer with the provided cord for custom frequencies via user-friendly software.

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